Bird City Lights (2016)


An estimated one million migratory birds slam into Toronto’s glass buildings every year. Bird City Lights follows a day in the life of a bird rescuer as she scours the sidewalks, nooks and crannies of the financial district for fallen birds in the early hours of the morning. The film offers a rare glimpse into the delicate moments between the injured birds and their devoted caretaker. This visually captivating documentary shows us the city from the perspective of the birds, off the beaten paths of human efficiency and distraction. From this point of view, the city is revealed to be a hostile and disorienting environment, but one that is also full of overlooked wild spaces and quiet hideaways. With a soundtrack of original songs from Whitehorse duo Sauna Music and insightful voiceover based on interviews with Lori Nichols, the bird rescuer, this film gives an intimate account of a large-scale ecological disaster.

Watch the trailer below:

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Additional Screenings:

2018 - Gimli Film Festival, Official Selection (Gimli, MB)

2017 - Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival, Official Selection (Kolkata, India)

2017 - Doors Open Festival/Planet in Focus, Public Screening (Toronto, ON)

2017 - Canadian Short Film Screening. Group Screening. Curator: Robby Reis (Montreal, QC)


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